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Microbes that have the ability to biodegrade plastic

A&R Patel Institute of Biotechnology prove microbes consume plastic

AHMEDABAD – Three bacteria families have been isolated by the research team at A&R Institute of Biotechnology. The microorganisms have been said to break down polyethylene, polypropylene and polyvinyl chloride. Researchers at the Institute are now moving their laboratory scale testing into real world environments at the local landfill. The...
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Microbes Consume Bags in Ocean Water

Recently on an article was produced showing how microorganisms in water can biodegrade normal plastic. The microorganisms that are contributing to the global cleanup are vibros bacteria. This bacteria which has contributed to the global cleanup of consumer waste was introduced at the Marine Debris Conference in Hawaii. Marine...
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Polypropylene Biodegradability by Microorganisms

Biodegradable plastic are enhanced with the use of BioSphere Plastic additive. We have found papers in regards to polypropylene biodegradation by microbial communities discovered in 1993 by scientists in Italy. Their report can be found below. Isotactic Polypropylene or Polypropylene Biodegradability Polypropylene biodegradation is possible by microorganisms, this process...
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Polystyrene Biodegradability: Waste Management

Ultimate degradability of Polystyrene has been extensively investigated since the 1990’s, recently the Nuclear Waste Management committee made up of private and public sectors conducted position papers around the subject. Below is some excerpts from their findings around Polystyrene, with a link to the position paper. The microbial degradation of styrene under oxidising...
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