BioSphere Plastic

We are dedicated to bringing you the most economical solutions in the biodegradable plastic industry.

We provide the most affordable biodegradable plastic masterbatch in the market, striving to solve the environmental problems of today. Our company is diligent in forward thinking and providing information on both the technical and environmental aspects of our industry.


Our company not only promises to be the leader in all biodegradable technologies and offerings, but also promises to nurture a long lasting relationship by  providing our customers excellence in customer service. We want to know our customers, not just sell them our technology. BioSphere Plastic believes that a future in environmental sustainability starts with a good, working relationship with you, our customers. In order for us to have such a relationship, we need to first make sure that our customers are educated about the different technologies that are available.  BioSphere biodegradable plastic additive was developed to meet the need in the market for a true, open and honest conversation about technology, and its effects on our environment, and to bridge the gap of this technology and the consumer with excellent  customer service. We are dedicated to delivering to you:

  • The best technology
  • Cost effective biodegradable solutions
  • Testing of our biodegradable plastic in open public forums
  • Passion and dedication
  • The belief that this world and life is a gift