Biodegradable PET

Biodegradable PET Additive is used to enhance the biodegradation of plastic by adding in hydrophilic parameters to the polymer chain. This allows microbial enzymatic action to reduce the structure of the polymer by utilizing macromolecules within the plastic polymer.  BioSphere’s additive will not change the physical properties of the plastic. Your product will maintain regular shelf life and tensile strength while enjoying the benefits of enhanced biodegradation.

How does biodegradation work?
From nature, we can not only learn how macromolecules are formed,
but also how the molecule chains of certain polymers are split.
Microorganisms such as bacteria or fungi absorb macromolecules
as food and utilize them to fuel their metabolic processes.
The end products of this metabolism are then removed and incorporated
into the natural product cycle.
Biodegradation works in the same way, with microbes utilizing
the macromolecules in plastic, which in turn causes it to degrade.
Our additive increases this microbial action.