Biodegradable Additives

Biodegradable additives are additives which allow microorganisms to consume the plastic articles that have incorporated the additives into their plastic package or product. Once the biodegradable additives have homogenized with the plastic polymer the additive reacts with the enzymes to reduce the polymer chain. Biodegradable additives made with BioSphere biodegradable additives reduce the polymer chain by hydrolysis created by the microorganisms. The microorganisms such as amylase or lipase consume the polymer to convert the plastic into Co2, Ch4, biomass and water.

Biodegradable Additives – The Competition

Biodegradable additives made by BioSphere often get confused with competition of oxo-degradable additives. There is a core distinction between the two technologies. Oxodegradable additives work as a catalyst from the point of manufacturing. While biodegradable additives with BioSphere do not.

What are Catalysts?

  • Catalysts are substances that increase or decrease the rate of a chemical reaction but remain unchanged.
  • Catalysts are simple inorganic materials
  • Typically slower for reaction times
  • They are not specific and end up with residue and errors.

Biodegradable Additives – Enzymatic Reactions?

  • Enzymes are proteins that increase rate of chemical reactions converting substrate into product.
  • High molecular weight globular proteins.
  • Enzymes are highly specific producing large amount of good residues (Biomass, Water)

Enzymatic reactions which are created by attracting the different microorganisms to the polymer chain allow for polymer biodegradation at a faster rate than regular synthetic resins. Biodegradable additives produced by BioSphere come in a variety of different formats including powder, liquid and pelletized versions for use in different polymer types. BioSphere biodegradable additives can be found located on their product specific web pages. Please contact us for our material safety data sheets, technical data sheets and testing regarding our different products.